No matter your hair sins—over brushing, brushing hard, sleeping in a ponytail, tugging on knots—our vetted picks will give your stands some much needed TLC. Say goodbye to breakage!

Upgrade your hair care routine! Try a Silicone Scalp Hair Massage Brush while you’re shampooing in the shower. A scalp massaging brush helps boost circulation in your scalp. Not only does this feel good, it helps to exfoliate and clean the scalp to improve overall scalp health. The silicone bristles are gentle enough for your scalp. Make sure you use enough water and shampoo on your scalp before using the massage brush. If for some reason it feels harsh, go a bit gentler, add more shampoo and water, and massage in a circular motion. Scalp massagers don’t solve everything like fungus or folliculitis, so consult your dermatologist on recommended prescription shampoos!

Are you tugging on knots? Most people with longer hair especially if it’s colored experience tugging and a bit of shedding—this is normal. Try using a Hair Detangler Wet/Dry Brush. It’s a brush for wet or dry hair almost like a 2-in-1. Brushing out tangled wet or dry hair isn’t fun. A Hair Detangler Wet/Dry Brush makes it easy and a bit more painless. It gently detangles with flexible bristles and nylon ball tips. Be sure to brush the ends gently first, then the mid-lengths of your hair, then at the top and finally brush through gently. Never start brush at the top of your hair, it will only damage your hair more and make it more difficult. Don’t forget to give your scalp a little TLC! Massage it with clean fingers and hands at the end to boost circulation.

While we're on the topic of hair and colored hair, if you’re a DIY hair color enthusiast, keep your own Professional Hair Dye Brushes at home and choose any cute color. They’re available in Blue, Black, Ivory, and Pink! Brush through hair more easily and effectively rather than using your hands or a store bought brush from the hair color box to evenly distribute throughout your hair. The skinny tip helps section your hair if you don’t have a comb handy. Our Salon Professional Hair Clips – 10 Pieces will help make your hair-coloring journey easier. Since they’re silver colored metal, they’re easier to clean off. We also have ones in red or black which is great for hair drying or helping with hair styling.

Always remember that your hair needs TLC too, from your scalp to the ends of your hair!